Chokers - Adjustable

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Handmade beaded chain - tarnish resistant brass wire. For best care practices do not get your jewelry wet.

Carnelian will help to banish emotional negativity, release anger, and also stimulates creativity. This stone boosts fertility and sexuality and is also said to aid in your love life/attract a lover. It is associated with multiple Chakras and Zodiac signs. Chakras - Solar Plexus, Root, and Sacral. Zodiac signs - Taurus, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo.

Angelite aids in spirit guide and guardian angel contact. Angelite is a very calming and soothing stone - it helps to relieve tension, anger and stress. It helps to heighten awareness, and promotes compassion & telepathy. 

Labradorite is a very protective crystal and creates a shield for auras, protecting you against negativity. Labradorite helps to calm an overactive mind, calms the negativity within yourself and boosts inspiration and originality.

Kunzite is tranquil, spiritual stone with extremely high vibrations. It awakens the heart center and unconditional love bringing you loving thoughts and communication and connecting you to universal love. Kunzite indues a deep and centered meditative state and is beneficial for those who find it hard to center themselves during mediation. Kunzite is also a protective stone, shielding your aura from unwanted energies and dispelling attached entities. 

Fluorite is a highly protective stone - especially on a spiritual and psychic level. Fluorite helps to shut off psychic manipulation and will cleanse and stabilize your aura. Used in healing, fluorite draws off negative energies and stress of all kinds. It cleanses, purifies, dispels, and reorganizes anything within the body that is not in perfect order. 

Garnet opens the heart and boosts self confidence and helps to sharpen your perception of yourself. It helps to dissolve ingrained behavior patterns that do not serve you and self induced unconscious sabotage. Garnet will help to inspire self love and devotion.